Although the internet is beneficial in millions of ways, it can also be a financial menace for people who do not know how to manage their finances. Auction sites are the first methods of loosing money quickly, the second method is through online gambling. One important factor that you have to always remember is that online gambling differs immensely from online auctioning. However, there exist some similarities between the two. There are numerous gambling sites in the online world however, there is only one auction site that dominates the online world, eBay. The main similarity between ebay and gambling sites is that you have to create an account with a unique user name and password. The password has to be unique and can only be remembered to you. Many people are fond of putting their dates of birth as their passwords. This is not advisable since, it is easy to crack, and if it is easy to crack, it is easy for other individuals to tamper with your ebay account. This is however, one of the few similarities that exist between ebay and gambling sites. The main difference between ebay and gambling sites is that on ebay you have the option of ebay phone contact. Very few gambling sites leave a contact telephone number for their visitors to use. Hence, it is more difficult to try to get in touch with a gambling site than it is to contact ebay. Another difference between gambling sites and ebay is that ebay is an auction site. There is a very big difference between auctioning and gambling, one depends entirely on luck while the other depends on a combination of skills and luck. To win a bidding battle on ebay you will require certain pieces of information. However, to win a gamble you will require luck, sometimes you loose sometimes you win. Another difference between the two is that on ebay you can file a legit ebay complaint and it will be handled promptly. This is unlike in gambling sites where complaints are rarely filed. Many owners of gambling sites argue that it is a person’s fault that they have lost huge amounts of money on a single gamble.