More and more often, small businesses are being targeted by malicious hackers and other cyber criminals.  This is because the overwhelming majority of small businesses tend to only put the minimal amount of investments in IT Support Manchester, which makes them incredibly appealing targets to hack into and steal from.

Cyber criminals enjoy targeting small businesses because larger companies have a much more robust IT infrastructure, which makes them harder to break into.  Smaller businesses simply don’t have the resources to invest in IT support Manchester.  This makes it much easier for cyber criminals to complete their attacks undetected.  The IT systems in small businesses are notoriously vulnerable to attack.  At best, internet security is average and many attacks tend to go unnoticed.  Strong investments in IT support Manchester enable you to have additional security as well as be more aware of potential attacks.

The majority of small business owners don’t believe they are at any rick of becoming the victim of a malicious cyber attack.  In fact, less than 50% of small businesses have any sort of IT support Manchester or other forms of security installed on their systems.  This sends a clear signal to potential attackers that they will not have much to fear as far of reprisals from an IT support Manchester department that could potentially trace the attack back to them. 

Large businesses might not be hurt too badly from a cyber attack, but attackers have the potential to completely obliterate a small business that doesn’t have the same IT support Manchester available to them because they never thought they would become a target.  These attacks won’t only hurt the profits and sustainability of a small business, but they could be devastating to reputation and consumer confidence as well.  For true security, go for a qualified IT support Manchester team.