Do you know about the essential features that your business telephone system should have? Before selecting a telephone system for your office, you need to gain knowledge about the features that the system should have. The size of your business and the number of employees you have are some of the determining factors in this respect.


The basic features that telephone systems for business should have are call handling and call transferring. A small office which has ten employees or a large organization having five thousand employees requires proper telephone system so that they can stay linked with each other and also with the outside entities.


The auto-attendant feature in commercial telephone systems is an important one. If you incorporate this feature, you do not need to hire a receptionist to take the incoming calls and then, transfer them to the related people or department. Therefore, you can save both labour and cost with the implementation of this feature.


Your business may require connecting to a number of people working at different locations, in a conference. The telephone system for your office should be equipped with the conference calling facility so that your employees can converse about a business process management or advertisement of a product or service. Before you install the communication system, ask the business phone company whether they can offer this facility.


Employees working within the office or at other locations require leaving messages for other employees. In such situation, the presence of message boxes in the business telephone system can come to immense help. Message boxes can be private as well as shared. Determine which one you need for you company and then ask for the details of this facility before you choose the office telephone system.


It is important to maintain an account of the handling of your commercial telephone system. The feature that can help you in this task is call metering and accounting. This feature makes the tracking process of the usage of the system easier. You can evaluate the fact whether the communication system you have selected for your office is a useful one or not.