Here you will find the latest chiropractic EHR software – You just found what you’re looking for. At Vitalogics, we offer software for chiropractors, developed by chiropractors. We know what you need to effectively operate your office. Our chiropractic electronic medical records software could very well be the last software purchase you will make because it is cutting edge and we plan to keep it that way by staying on top of needed updates along the way. The VitaLogics EHR software is synonymous with top quality. The rankings are based on speed. Like we said, this software was developed by chiropractors for chiropractors. Another feature that our users appreciate are the ability to use macros for notes. You are busy and understand the value of time, and macros are a time saver. Our premium features include the our statistical dashboard that we call the Practice Diagnosis module, one-click reporting systems, self patient sign in, text/email appointment reminders and along with many other features. These text and email reminders increase patient compliance You can customize the reminders as you wish. The patient self check in function gives you the ability to offer surveys which can then be pulled into your chiropractic SOAP notes. All of this is accomplished through our chiropractic scheduling software. Being able to operate a software that is fully integratable with an e-commerce software is key. Integration with Infusionsoft means you can work with CRM, marketing and ecommerce all from one application. We lead the industry in support of our product. Our reps are available in real time by text, email and phone. We offer further assistance through our complete library of video tutorials. These videos are available 24 hours a day. We also understand that keeping your new employees trained is something you will need help with as well. Many companies provide only initial training and you are required to instruct any newly employed yourself. You will be glad to know that VitaLogics continue to offer ongoing support for your new staff. And since our software is served from the cloud, you can use it from any location where you have access to the web. As a chiropractic billing software, VitaLogics EHR allows you to create complex care plans and automate collection of patient payment. Our Care Plan Builder module helps you create unlimited care plans that are adjustable plans with visit adjustments are easy. This feature offers you the best flexibility for smooth care plan creation and automatic billing. To learn more about our chiropractic EHR software, visit us on the web at