Hi there. Do you need more information about cfd. All the information you will ever need about the niche can be found in this site. Do you want to get the news as soon as it gets online. In this site, you can find a lot new resources that you may not have known before. A wide variety of new resources that are just waiting to be discovered and explored are right here. Fluidized bed reactors are designed in such a way that a solid substrate is supported by a porous plate.Fluids in either liquid or gaseous states are forced through the distributor.This main feature is also the reason why an FBR is sometimes called a packed bed reactor.During the entire process, the velocity of the fluid passing through the porus plate will be increased.The weight of the solid material will at some point balance with the fluid force due to this increase in velocity.This balanced state within a fluidized bed reactor is known as incipient fluidization. Incipient fluidization can be achieved even with minimum fluidization velocity.Flow regimes can then be observed when an FBR achieves this state.