Optimize your internal linking

Sprucing up your internal linking structure will beef up your site but getting more traffic to it and achieving higher search engine rankings. Link together all the relevant pages, the new ones and the old ones and all the related pages. This will help on page rankings and also help to get the new pages index faster.

Regular guest posting

One of the most effective link building strategies you can use is to guest post on various blogs. Every niche out there has some very popular blogs and this is a huge source of getting some high quality links. By reaching out to bloggers in your niche and offering them high quality and free content in exchange for anchor text links back to your website is a very effective and efficient SEO method. Having do-follow links from high PR blogs is way worth more than having links from article directories. You can also generate quite a lot of business just from guest posting on the popular blogs and having a good call to action.

Creating natural link baits

This is the making of content that naturally attracts links from various other sources in the course of time. To do this you will have to create informative, engaging and entertaining content that will make people want to share it with others. The social media will play a major role in this so make sure that you provide people with ways of sharing it through social media. Research what people in your niche desire most and then give it to them and you can build some quality links over time. The SEO prices quoted by any SEO company should incorporate all of these techniques for the services they offer for you to successfully get to and stay at the top of the search engine pages.