Most people these days own a Facebook account for either personal or business reasons. There is a significant percentage of online users getting addicted to the social media site and it seems that Facebook becomes part of the daily routine of every online user. One always wants to be updated of all the happenings about their friends or updates from their favorite bands, artists or organizations. People are entertained and enjoying the comfort and applications Facebook are offering. Just like any other things in life, Facebook has positive and negative impacts and reviews.


Some people blame Facebook for the increase of divorces cases and abusive relationship. Crimes and identity theft are being link to Facebook as the root of all evil. I firmly believe that Facebook has nothing to do with the crime rates and negative stuffs they are throwing at it; more or less Facebook is not the main reason. The user itself should be blamed because it is a matter how users use the social site whether for good or bad. As what they say, it has nothing to do with the hammer, it’s the carpenter. 


Facebook is a big help to people who have loved ones too far from them. To connect to old friends and colleagues and build relationship are just some of the benefits you can experience by using Facebook. Facebook becomes one of the agents to solve problems like missing people or an event that needs supporters or participants. Facebook is a powerful tool when it comes to business marketing. You can use Facebook fan page for your business and increase your client base from thereon. As a starter, you may buy guaranteed Facebook fans or purchase Facebook fans from reputable service providers like You always have the choice on how to use Facebook at your competitive advantage over other businesses.