When the power goes out and the computer goes down, there is that momentary panic that you might have just lost everything. Fortunately, today’s computers have automatic saving features that create a backup at certain intervals. However, if your computer gets fried, you are going to need some help getting those files back. That is where data recovery in NYC comes in.

The Good Old Days

One of the greatest mysteries in life was how computer programmers did not add an autosave function to every program since the beginning of the computer age. It is possible that they just didn’t think about it because, you know, people should be saving their stuff as they go. Maybe computers just didn’t have enough memory to deal with autosaving. At any rate, any person who grew up in the late 80s and early 90s knows that feeling of panic when the computer crashes and you haven’t saved your work in the last hour. Thousands of hours of work time have been lost to crashing computers and many curse words have been said, and back then, there was no real way to recover the data other than to redo it. That led to the paperless office having more paper than ever as companies required hard copy backups of every file. Plus, we had to walk to work 10 miles in the snow and it was uphill both ways. There were none of those fancy horseless carriages, and all of our cell phones were the size and weight of bricks, which made us stronger.

The Better New Days

The advancing state of computers is no less than a miracle. Cell phones are now computers that fit in the pocket. Most have more computing power than the computers that got the first astronauts to the moon. They have keyboards and can do everything that a computer in the 80s and 90s would be jealous — 8-bit computing is for nostalgia. Possibly the best advance is the autosave function. Computer classes used to have to remind students to save their work every 10 minutes — just in case the computer went down. It took time, but it made sure that the most anyone could lose would have been 10 minutes worth of work. Now, the computer saves it, so that if something happens, when the computer does come back on, it asks if you want to save what you were in the middle of before the computer quit.

Not Every Problem

Autosave doesn’t solve every problem, which is why people need to back up their data. Unfortunately, your backup schedule does not take into account the computer’s down time or lifespan. If you are backing up once a week, and the computer goes down an hour before you were to back it up, you could lose a week’s worth of work. However, there may be a way to get some of that work back with data recovery in NYC. When the hard drive is fried, that may be the only option that you have.