A lot of people that are surfing the web on a day to day basis are completely unaware that they are allowing multiple different websites, services and individuals access to their personal information. This has led to a lot of fraudulent activity. In fact, even some of the major search engines have been sued due to imposing on people’s privacy. If you are aware of the major security issues online, then it is likely that you have already heard of the Hide my ass proxy server

What Are They And Are They Legal?

Proxy servers, also known as VPNs, are completely illegal. Instead of every website and service logging all of your personal information, you have another option. You are able to block them from accessing this information. When you try to reach a certain address your computer will make a request using your own IP address. This is the address that holds all of your information. When you use a VPN service, you are shielded. This is because you will be accessing the information from a completely different address. For that reason, the website that you are visiting will not be able to access your personal details.

What Other Methods Can Help Keep You Secure Online?

There are lots of different things to consider when surfing the web. Remember; don’t install an application unless you trust in it completely. Each application is there to try and make money in some form or another. If you are using applications then you are probably already giving out your data without even realising it. This is particularly common on social networking websites. More and more social networking accounts are connected to a range of games and applications that constantly store information about individuals. These applications even ask for access to the account profile, which is full of personal information.

Another thing to consider is what information you are posting and where. Are you posting your home address? Have you posted your age and telephone numbers? The more information you post online, the more chance you have of being attacked by fraud. Sure, you might not think that these posts are going to lead to anything, but they are all pieces of a puzzle. An expert hacker or fraudulent individual could easily piece this puzzle together to make accounts in your name. It has been known for these hackers to apply for loans and much more. Using a VPN will help individuals to avoid this from happening.