The glass free 3D display is an advanced version of the 3D technology which uses auto-stereoscopic 3D screens. It shows three dimensional images instantly without one having to use the cumbersome eyewear. With this type of display, each eye is able to see a different image because of the high-precision lenticular lenses that are fitted on the LCD panel. This creates a depth sensation that seems quite natural.

How it Works

Each lenticular lens has multiple micro-lenses which fracture the light that is emitted and send it in varied directions. Different images are therefore projected on the eyes of the viewer resulting in the 3D effect. The lens is attached to the 4k resolution LCD-Panel and is also integrated with a 3D image processor.

The display is eye catching, retains public attention and enhances the understanding of extremely complex imagery. It makes 3D viewing much easier and user friendly as it shows broader scenes with amazing pop-out and mesmerizing depth effects. In spite of this, the images still retain their brightness and sharpness and preserve the original contrast as well as the colors of the source image. These are standards that have not been achieved before in the 3D technology.

The glass free 3D technology offers a wide range of Full-HD displays, some of which include the 55”, 47”, 42”, 24” and the 21.5” models. All these have different specifications. There are also 31.5” Ultra-HD (K) models which come in the landscape and portrait modes. These models are able to display both the 3D content and the traditional 2D videos. It is mainly perceived as windows opening on the 3D platform. The display has a broader depth span and shows a much broader scene.