There are many test chambers that you can get, and they cover nearly every kind of environmental situation from rain to sand and dust all the way to thermal, so any thing that needs to be tested in an environment can be through one of these test chambers.

Just think you want to test how something can cope in the rain, so what do you do you get a rain test chamber and then you can see how much rain it can take before some form of damages happen to it.

Or if you have a piece of important machinery going to be placed in the desert or somewhere very sandy, and you want to know how well it will cope with being buffeted by sand or being caught in a sandstorm, so you get yourself a sand and dust test chamber.

Each of these test chambers do a different thing, and are great for testing the environment against specific products and items before they go on the market.

Each of the test chambers can come in different sizes so they can fit different items in them, and they can be connected up to a computer through an Ethernet port so you can record all your findings during certain tests and experiments.

Overall getting a test chamber, no matter what kind is a great way to find out how things will last against different strengths of the environment. In my opinion it should be an essential for testing products and items people use on a daily basis like cars, bikes and other things.