If you sell products online, you should focus on improving your customer relations.

Give your Rocket Language customers more than one option to get in touch with you.

You should have a professional email address with your full name or the name of your brand, profiles on social networking sites your customers are likely to use, a message board, a chat room, an 800 phone number and a P.O. box.

Some of these mediums will be more popular than others with your niche: some age groups will prefer writing you a letter or calling you on the phone. On the other hand, certain niches will love being able to send you a quick message on their favorite social network. Get to know your audience and give your customers the choice.

You should answer to all the questions, comments and complaints you receive as quickly as possible.

Plan on spending an hour or two every day checking your emails, social networks and the other methods of communication you use.

Answer to everything: a simple thank you is enough for a quick comment, but take the time to write helpful answers to the questions you receive.

If you receive a complaint, offer to send a new product or give the customer a refund along with a gift card or a coupon.

Always remain professional in your interactions with your customers, even if they get angry or attack you on a personal level.

If a customer is too angry with you to be reasoned with, you have to accept that you have lost a customer and move on.

Do not send angry messages or adopt a sarcastic tone: this would give your brand a very bad image.

Be polite, helpful, professional and ignore messages from customers who do not want to accept your apologies, refunds and coupons. Learn to control your emotions and find a way to release your stress without letting your customers know about your frustrations.

Let people know you care about their opinion and would like to get some feedback on your products.

When someone orders a product, send them an email to confirm the order and give them some details about the shipment.

Encourage them to get in touch with you if they have questions or concerns. Send out another email a few weeks later to ask what they think of the product.

You could ask for feedback or offer them a coupon code for another product.

Encourage customers to send you feedback and reviews and share these on your site and on social networks.

Give a coupon or another reward to the customers who write the most original reviews or share their own pictures and videos with you.

These tips should help you improve your customer relations policy.

Keep in mind that treating your customers fairly and making them feel like you care about their opinion could help you stand apart from the competition and get more repeat customers.