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When people search for the product Avesil, they usually look for it at Google. It is not uncommon that the product will have its share of satisfied customers and detractors. People will be guided though by Avesil reviews that will reveal the advantages and disadvantages of this weight loss pill. For starters, the product has a website, but many people find it quite vague because it lacks the necessary information and this makes it hard for people to purchase this product outright. Another issue is the free trial wherein the product is not really for “free.” Also, the products per se like green tea extract, caffeine, chromate, and super citrimax are proven weight loss ingredients, but it is not known how much is contained in the product.

Avesil reviews are one in saying that the product is helpful to customers because its website has a hotline for questions, has shown that two studies have been done, and the product has really good ingredients that will help people lose weight. On the other hand, the disadvantage of the product is that its price tag of $89.95 is very prohibitive, consumers have to take six capsules daily, the testimonials are quite vague at most and were made up to say the least. Lastly, there is no specific volume for the ingredients used. The biggest drawback of the product is its free trial period of fourteen days which claims to be free but actually, it is not.

Moreover, Avesil reviews reveal that most customers complain about the $89.95 price for the free trial and the auto ship that is forced upon them. There are even some studies that indicate that the ingredients used are not of the highest quality, so this does not make Avesil the most efficient weight loss supplement in the market even if they claim to be.