When you think about the sports then two main channels come into your mind; one is Ten Sports and second is Neo Sports. Both channels have a lot more programs for the fun and excitement of the viewers. I love to watch the cricket, hockey, snooker and other sports on Ten Sport live but when it comes to the interview and gossip related to sport the only Neo Sport is my priority. Actually, you can enjoy live and pre-recorded matches on live Ten sports but NEO sports has a lot more excitement for you in the form of interview and gossip based programs and it is a reason behind the increasing success of the Neo sport.

I think the team of Ten Sports should make some improvement in their programs and schedule. They shouldn’t repeat cricket matches again and again as reported by many viewers. Variety is a spice of life and if the team behind ten sports live stream wants to grab the attention of viewers toward it then they have to bring more variety in the programs. It is good to start some interview based program which makes it feasible for the viewers to get an idea about the life of their favorite players.

Another improvement which Ten Sports’s team can make is to start news programs for the viewers. With the mean of such program, the fans of the sports can know easily what is going on in the field of cricket, hockey, football and other sports.

I’m sure that viewership of Ten Sports live will be increased after these improvements.