While there are many SEO resellers that deal only with search engine optimization for a living, it does not have to be the only thing limiting you to make a viable income. In fact, many SEO resellers expand their businesses to include several other services. Some of these services could be provided by the SEO resellers themselves or could simply be bought and resold just like the search engine optimization packages that got them their start. Because many Seo resellers believe that it is more fruitful not to put all their eggs in one basket, adding services that compliment SEO tend to make them more successful.

Since SEO resellers are buying and selling a service that falls under the umbrella of online marketing, it would be wise to offer other services that fall into that category. Many SEO resellers are also web designers for instance; simply outsourcing the SEO portion of the packages they create for their clients so that they can focus on the more complicated coding involved in setting up a web page. Web designers who are also SEO resellers have the benefit of charging more for their services and making their packages stand out amongst much of their competition.

Of course, many SEO resellers do not have the technical skills needed to do complicated coding which might be why they got into the business of reselling in the first place. For these businesspeople, reselling other services like social media marketing can prove to be rather lucrative. Social media marketing is becoming more and more important today and by combining social media and SEO into one package, your customers will have the benefit of getting great marketing on all of their social media platforms and SEO embedded not only in their website, but in their social media profiles as well.

Since any service you offer for resale will be under your business name, you will benefit by getting all the credit and the repeat business. As long as that business is steady, your affiliates will be happy. This means that you can simply concentrate on growth.

By not limiting themselves, any SEO reseller can be worlds over more successful. While it is true that it might take a little more work, the rewards will be well worth it. The more you do, the more money you can make and that is what will give your business staying power.