If you are not aware of your competition, then you will never outdo your competitors. At the social media platform, more and more competitors are competing for limited attention, time and interest of people on the social media. You, therefore, should come up with ideas that will make you unique. One may find the page of Traffic Fusion to be very useful. #4 Content Marketing To Engage and PersuadeOne of the best ways to get social media attention is by using content marketing. More and more companies nowadays are regarding themselves as publishers; this heightens the pressure on those companies that do not create content to market themselves. Start a content marketing strategy to reach more customers.#5 If you are using Twitter, use hashtags. It improves your visibility on the network#6 Facebook especially has lots of visual aesthetics you can use. Use all the available options to increase your social media visibility.Implement the strategies given above. When followed, they will kick start your social media profile hence more customers.