News on body and brain

These are science news that reports on the discoveries in the body and brains of humans. From such news we get new information about the functioning of the different body organs and how they coordinate with the brain. The body systems include the digestive systems, the support system and the transport system. However, not much news is available on the brain because of the little research that has been done on it. Apart from the fact that the brain is tasked with coordination of the body, not much more is known about the brain.

News on the earth 

These are science news that talks about the planet earth, the ecosystem, the atmosphere, the soil and other physical features such as lakes, mountains and rivers. The news on the earth basically contributes to information that makes geography. This news explains how the various features relate to each other to form rainfall, winds and seasons. It is one area that a lot of research and advancements have been done on. Currently not much news in terms of discoveries is coming from this area because a lot of things have already been discovered. All that is currently being reported are effects on climate change and global warming.

News on Genes and Cells

These are science news that talks about plant and animal cells. Cells are the basic functional component of a living organism, while genes are the molecular units that explain the inheritance of traits in living organisms. Just like the case of earth news, most things have been discovered and as such, very little news is coming from this area. The main news that is currently being reported in this sector is the news on cell engineering and genetically modified foods.