cable caddiesare a must have for the ones whose jobs revolve around wires, as this amazing equipment provides a brilliant way to keep wires in proper shape and condition. Wires tend to get tangled a lot when they are not kept properly and this leads to the formation of knots which is always undesirable. The best way to avoid this problem is by getting hold of a cable caddie that will manage your wire for you. Usually electricians and television cable installers are the ones who use cable caddies but these days these caddies have becomes very popular and are used in many places. Stationary caddies are used in wire stores where they have to stay fixed in a place and there are caddies with wheels as well for the ones who are on the go! One can order these cable caddies online and they can be found in a lot of stores as well. So buy yourself a cable caddie and make the job of managing all your wire a lot easier!