Do’s and don’ts, ins and outs, templates and “from scratch programming,” there are so many ways to do a website. Every web designer has their own idea, their own set of rules that they follow and their own set of rules that they break. In graphic design and web design, just like in literature, rules are meant to be broken; if they aren’t, they are laws, not rules. But if every website breaks a different set of rules and follows a different set, customers have to decode every website like it is three degree encryption. Templates quickly get old, but standardizing some things helps potential customers quickly find the information they want when they are in a hurry and lets them ignore what they do not need when they just want to browse. Each company or brand, like PopSite, has their own look and standardization, which is very different from a template.

Always the Same

Imagine those stencils you used to use as a kid, or maybe you still do for scrapbooking to get the exact same shape every time, even with different colors of paper or ink. Templates are designed to make things look exactly the same. While things may be similar, when it comes to web design, “templates” are a little different from standards. Standards are things like having the Logo always at the top of the website, usually on the left side of the page, or contact info is either on top of a web page next to the logo or on the bottom. However, if the font is different, the size is different, and the page is divided into irregular thirds, that is not a “template.” It follows the standards of a company or style guide, making it easy to identify and use, but it is still easily made unique.

Many Options

Any design company, such as PopSite, will have their own standards, their own style, but standards can be modified and changed so that your site is easy to read and yet unique enough to not look like canned meat. Change the width of your page, the size and color of the text, the division of information, whether the corners of your text boxes are round or square, any of these things can be modified and still meet a “style,” a standard, and that is what makes it different from a template. Templates may be easy to use, but they really make a site feel amateur and unprofessional. Having a design company and style with little or no modification can feel the same way, but if you are looking to hire a design company that will host your website and take care of your domain too, chances are you are not the kind of person to leave things at the bare minimum. Take advantage of the ease of standards in web design by choosing your designer carefully and steering clear of templates. Use the PopSite design of your choice and get your business online with an easy to understand and customize web design.