Microwaves are beneficial and harmful domestic appliances. In recent times, health experts have blamed wrong usage of microwaves for the rising number of cancer patients in the world. Microwaves produce harmful Gamma radiation rays that are the main causes of Leukemia also known as blood cancer. This is one of the most dangerous types of cancer in the world. In an attempt to decrease the number of cancer patients in the world, many countries have passed stringent laws in the manufacture of microwaves. Some manufacturers of these domestic appliances have been blamed for not using radiation-insulating material in the building of their products. This is a problem that gas never found itself on the list of hotpoint problems, one of the numerous manufacturers of microwaves and other domestic appliances. Thus, I strongly recommend that next time you go microwave shopping you look for a hotpoint microwave. The microwaves from hotpoint are manufactured inside using an aluminum foil. If you have a some amount of knowledge in either chemistry or physics, then you know that aluminum foils is the best inhibitor of Gamma radiation rays. This is why one of the beko instructions found in all beko microwave user manuals is that you should use an aluminum foil when putting when heating foodstuffs using a microwave. Choosing the most suitable microwave brand for you and your family is very important. However, what is even more important is proper maintenance of the microwave. There are several steps you should take in ensuring that both your microwave and kids are protected from each other. Children may not understand the importance of covering foodstuffs with an aluminum foil before heating thus it is up to you to teach them and keep them away from the microwave until they are of age. Apart from the emission of gamma rays, most microwaves are dangerous to kids in another way. Behind the microwave, a red laser light has the potential of chopping off your finger. Thus, one of the main rules that you should put in your home is that children should never be allowed to use the microwave no matter the circumstances.