If you wanted a tutor who has a degree from Oxford or a Harvard then you are going to be paying the top end. If you have a new young teacher who is tutoring to gain experience as well as pay for his or her education then you can quite often get a tutor at a very competitive rate. The first thing to consider is your budget. Secondly you will need to think about whether the tutor is going to visit your home or if you are going to drop off your child at the tutors home. This can be a difficult decision often your child will study better in an environment away from the family home. You then have to think about what you are going to get the tutor to teach. They may have lesson plans and suggestions. There could be book reading, it could be an exciting project which could involve an outing. Tutors teach in different styles and it is down to the parents to decide which teaching method will work best with their children.  If your child doesn’t like the tutor it isn’t going to work and you will simply be wasting your money. If they don’t get on and you have given it say a month, then maybe it is time to look for a different tutor. Getting the best tutors can often be a challenge best the demand for their services is in demand, but when you use this education provider you will be amazed by the high profession levels of teaching. There are a wide range of tutors in all areas.