If you want to get the absolute best A/V receiver, there is no better company to work with than Onkyo. They are known worldwide for producing some of the best electronic equipment, and you can easily find yourself coming back to this company time and again as you get new and improved items. A question that many people have is in regard to what are the improvements that they have made in the last few years that puts them at the top of the industry. Here are a few things that this company has done more than any other in regard to receivers produced today. Its not a bad idea to visit the site of TX-NR737 before making a final call on the product.Onkyo Audio Video ReceiversWhether you are looking at some of their top-of-the-line models which are priced in the thousands of dollars, or those that are priced and more affordably around $500, you are going to find several benefits to owning one of these devices, especially those that have HDMI 2.0. They produce a 21:9 format, and are used by satellite broadcasters and Hollywood studios due to how well their devices perform. There is only a one time Wi-Fi setup and you can connect all of your apps over your Google or iPhone device, allowing you to stream exactly what you want to your home theater. It helps to visit HT-S3700 to gain some understanding of the product.How They Have ImprovedThey have things like Dual 32-bit DSP engines to deliver exquisite information to your home theater layout, and have up to seven channels for amplification. You can double this when you are getting some of the better devices that are priced much higher, allowing you to take complete advantage of everything that they have to offer. Best of all, due to advancements in technology, and how Wi-Fi has changed the world, you can take advantage of their mixers and current channel-based content add-ons to make your home theater system really sing. Onkyo really is the best in electronics when it comes to A/V equipment.