Franchising is one of the most profitable businesses for 2013. However, it is not for everybody. One of the major consideration about this business idea is the obvious fact that it requires a huge initial investment to get started. But if you have the budget, it can rake in tons of profits. Here are some of the most profitable franchise offerings in the US today which you might be interested to pursue.


To start off, there’s Hampton Hotels. This hotel franchise is ranked number 1 largely due to the fact that it offers 100% customer satisfaction. It is a home away from home. To get started with this franchise offering, you need a total investment of anywhere from $3,695,500- $13,524,000. Its term of franchise agreement usually lasts for 22 years. 


Another good franchise is Subway. This fast food business is known as one of the fastest growing franchises today with over 37,000 restaurants in 98 countries worldwide. To buy into this franchise, you need a start-up investment of $85,200 – $260,350 plus a franchise fee of $15,000 as well as an ongoing royalty fee of 8%. The term of franchise agreement is for 20 years,which is also renewable. To complete the top ten list of the best franchises today, click on the link and find out more