Recently Vermont went to court to support farmers growing hemp in this state. The  hemp plant is very different than their closely related plant, Marijuana, in that it is grown differently and has lower levels of THC, thus making it less likely to be used for drug uses.   Overall, it may not be legally grown across the US for some time, due to the regulations enforced by the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA).   Hemp could be grown, regulated, and taxed to the benefit of the US economy, to make a multitude of items from fuels, to fabrics, ropes, textiles, and health & beauty supplements.  It is easy to grow in most climates and is a very “green” and renewable plant to grow.  The agricultural options are limitless if the government can get on board and legalize the growing of hemp.  Right now it is illegal to grown, and has a federal ban on Hemp. 

hemp products health food benefits out number that of many other supposed healthy items like fish oil, salmon, tuna, soy, sunflower seeds and sardines.   It has been advised for many years to take fish oil supplements and also to eat oily fish like sardines and salmon to improve your health, skin, and hair – but it turns out that taking the equivalent in hemp seed oil, you actually get better results in the long run.  Hemp is a source of a omega fatty acid which is a huge health benefit but also had a nutty and pleasant flavor when consumed, unlike fish oil supplements.  buy hemp