Google sniper to have has already been sought by somebody else is working on it in their garage and if you’re going to succeed in your going to get those millions involved in your business then the question is can you be pastor friendlier better and cheaper then that got in you after those customers and get to critical mass and if you’re going to do that I can see it suggests consider using some platforms like and Scott with their Corona platformer accelerator with their titanium platform Accenture at these are platforms that allow you to develop across multiple operating systems like I last Android html5 simultaneously so you can do rapid prototyping using standard language using javascript prime at the same time you wanna look consider putting layers on top of your app’s like socializer X 25 who have I am the social tools simple geo the into the google sniper review locations specific set a.m. services so you don’t have to spend six months trying to develop those yourself but rather you can use the existing tools that they and if that’s the case the question is going forward what are those sherwin social local mobile solo big ideas that are going to lead to your becoming a millionaire entrepreneur in the next 24 months what’s gonna win for you now answer that question what I could do is pretty much what every other a lecture at every other conferences last 12-24 months is done I could put up this slide talk about the really cool idea imagine if you’re walking past Starbucks and your phone buzz and one I’ll look google sniper 2.0