First, schedule time in your calendar EVERY WEEK for chiropractic marketing to focus on finding media you can test new patient lead-generations effort within.Second, commit to testing at least one new source of patient leads every month. Use lead generation to acquire the names and contact information of prospective patients from the new source, then those leads through a multi-step chiropractic marketing follow-up system to convert a percentage into paying patients.Third, monitor the ROI you get from each new source of leads. For now, if you break-even on the initial acquisition of new patients, continue to run that campaign each month monitoring the ROI.Lastly, start the process over each month, while continuing to monitor the existing break-even campaigns you have going.Over time, what you’ll find is that some media and sources just won’t work for you. You won’t be able to break-even on the front of your chiropractic marketing funnel. Those you’ll dump. But, as you do find sources of leads you can make work, your stable of new patient sources will grow.chiropractic marketing online