One of the features of new projection televisions is that they will eventually need a replacement projector lamp. This catches a lot of people off guard because older televisions had no lamps or bulbs to replace. The first time it happens, some people are afraid the television needs to be fixed, but it just needs a new lamp. With all the different brands and models there is little standardization for the lamps. Having a service like Projector Lamp Genie will make the process of finding the right lamp much easier.

Installing a replacement projector lamp is not that difficult for anyone that is handy with tools. There is no need to call a professional repair person for an issue like this. The tricky part is getting the right product. Not only is there a wide selection of lamps and bulbs for each manufacturer, there are many configurations and levels of quality available. The lamps are not just stand alone bulbs, like the kind in light fixtures, but they are fixed in modules with a cage. This is the best way to buy the lamp as fitting the bulb into the cage can be tricky. It is definitely worth the extra cost instead of risking damage to the bulb.

The replacement projector lamp modules can be expensive, so be careful when shopping for a bargain as it may be a poor quality imitation. The lamps need to be replaced about once a year, but they will need to be replaced more often under certain circumstances. The bulbs have a very high pressure and operate extremely hot. Care must be taken not cause any extra stress or the bulbs may fail early. Keeping the proper clearance around the fan and vents for good air flow will make a big difference in the life of the bulb.

Connecting with a reliable service, like Projector Lamp Genie, is the best way to get the right replacement projector lamp modules. They know how frustrating it is to spend a lot of money on a television and new lamps for it not to work right. They are glad to offer quality customer service to help solve any problems and keep customers coming back. They have the right combination of price, quality, and availability.