Kids today do not get enough outside play time, away from the technology that controls their lives.  Years ago when we were kids, our parents used to turn us loose in the yard when the weather was nice,  and let us entertain ourselves with all the neighborhood kids.  Our parents weren’t worried that we wouldn’t be developing the proper people skills or interaction skills, because it was a more simple and less technologically demanding time.  Today, kids have cell phones by the time they are in kindergarten and have mastered touch screen technology by the time they are two…what challenges will these children face, without ever really needing to deal with people face to face – it will be so much easier to text or email your thoughts.  What about playtime?  Will they learn to use their imaginations, or simply play video games or online games or surf the internet all day?  Kids need to get back to the basics, learn how to be bored, learn how to entertain themselves (without technology) when they do get bored, and learn how to have meaningful friendships, relationships and interaction with people in a face to face setting.  These kids need to learn how to appreciate outside activity, pick up some outdoor hobbies and begin to appreciate how simple life can be unplugged from technology.  Trying out some outdoor gear, trying to mountain climb with some properrock climbing equipment and spend some time visiting stores to price out mountain climbing gear in person – you’d be surprised how you can negotiate pricing in person, when you cant from behind a computer screen.