Downloading torrents is not legal in all counties. There are many users all over the world that share files over P2P and download movies and music through torrent sites and software. For various reasons, mostly related to anonymity online, VPN services are often employed. With a VPN service you can change your IP address at will, and the real IP address of your computer will be hidden.

Although US IP addresses are popular way to get access to TV streaming sites from The US, and unblock sites like Facebook and Twitter in China and The Middle East, it’s probably not a good idea to get an American IP address to download torrents.Much of the developed western world is moving towards making P2P and torrent use illegal, though many have not yet.

New Zealand, for one, now says that any user who is accused of copyright infringement can face up to 15,000 dollars in fines and getting banned from the Internet for a period of 6 months. So far, this is the harshest punishment I’ve heard of, but Australia and The UK have passed, or are trying to pass similar laws. The US is still battling it out, and there are two very good points to both sides of the argument.

So my advice is that if you do share files on the Internet, and do so through a VPN service, to not get an American IP address to do so. VPN service providers often have a variety of IP addresses available, from a variety of countries. Germany, The Netherlands, and other European counties are a good mix of “free Internet” without all the spam/hacker connotations that come with IP address from Russia, Asia, and Middle Eastern or African countries.