Additionally competent to ink detachment. Picture of the temperature handle additionally sway and discover the remedy coated with hot-melt adhesive when warmth changes, and new exertions to counter the warmth of custom laminating. Hence, stringent control of temperature is the thermal lamination of the major key. In accordance With our practice. Temperature handle in about 80 ~ 100 variety is appropriate.

Pressure: Laminated in the proper temperature control while additionally using the proper pressure, as the paper itself isn’t quite smooth area, and just under some pressure, viscous movement state of the hot-melt adhesive will soon be printed off the top of the atmosphere in the act of totally run damp paper print area.

Macromolecules created printed ink to paper, paper, molecular diffusion, dislocation, to attain a superb bond, to make a whole surface film coating within the complete print to print to mild, no mist, the rubber leveling, no creases , adhesive functions nicely, in the event of non-fold, as a result of raise pressure, can the curing of thermo-plastic hot melt adhesive could be entirely practical functionality to ensure goods coated with all the compound following the class, the numerous physical dissection, like impact resistance includes a solid sway abilities (like indentation, bronzing, etc.) to be able to realize elaborate internal construction and area state of print to accomplish an ideal unity of rate: coated paper in the dynamics of the composite movement .

Discover its speed in the hot appropriate paper plastic intricate work jointly in the new interface remain, additionally determined to enter the laminating device temperature, strain along with the real creation procedure in the complicated alliance of the paper and plastic bear The sensible effect of the worth, when the hot melt lamination temperature and strain-set.