And this is the component that Aim going to be talking about quite in detail today and just for you to understand how it all works because if you can find a really, really profitable niche then it’s very, very easy for us to be able to write good content for it and also turn it an monetize these particular niches. Okay so that’s just a quick overview of what really a market is in terms of a niche.  Okays the next thing I want to share with you is how do we go about doing this and describing in terms of what kind of keywords you need to look for.  So Aim going to just break it down for you.  Sorry about that.  Basically let’s just this market for example as we said cars.  And inside cars, Aim just going to focus on say niche called BMW.  I can even break it down further as I said if coffee shop millionaire scam is true.  It could be BMW accessories and all those kind of things. Now what we want to do is that we want to do our keyword research based on BMW not on cars.  Based on say for example BMW and its so, so important for us to find the right keywords because if you have come up with a fantastic idea and you don’t know how competitive this market is, you don’t know what the supply and demand is, you don’t know if its actually money-making market then basically you’re just jumping into a market that you’re just guessing if you check out coffee shop millionaire review.  And that’s not what we want to do using Coffee Shop Millionaire