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Whenwe use computer, it is common to encounter the situation where partition withimportant data accidentally gets lost. Many causes may give rise to partitionloss situation, but most situations are caused by partition table damage, suchas partition table damage caused by master boot record virus, partition tabledeletion caused by malicious software. No matter what reason causes thepartition loss, all data stored in the partition will disappear. Compared withpartition, the lost important data is the biggest headache, because plenty ofimportant data loss may bring us irreparable losses. For example, the companywith great effort goes bankrupt; relatives don’t trust us; even our whole lifeis destroyed. Facing these unknown serious consequences, I believe we all willnot watch things happen. Now, we are most concerned about how to fast andcompletely recover lost partition data. 


Speakingof recovering data from lost partition, I believe many users who have partitiondata recovery experiences will firstly think of using professional datarecovery software to free recover lost partition data. Indeed, it is a goodchoice to recover lost partition data with professional data recovery software.However, when recovering data, we may encounter this situation: there is so manyimportant data in lost partition that we can’t find the safe space tocompletely store all data. If we directly store data in the location where datagets lost, some important data may be overwritten and even can’t be recoveredforever. Such a situation is very common and unlucky, because we may fail tocompletely recover plenty of important data and suffer some inevitable losses.So is there any way to completely recover the whole partition? The most perfectsolution is to keep the important data in the original location.


Actually,I also encountered similar situation before – the virus deleted all my harddisk partitions. At that time, my 320GB hard disk with 5 partitions turned tobe one partition, and data in all partitions (except system partition) waslost. I was very painful, because I had stored very important files in everypartition, and the data loss brought me lots of troubles and serious losses. Ididn’t want this result. At that time, I thought of data recovery software,since I had successfully recovered lost important data with professional datarecovery software. This situation was special, so can the data recoverysoftware help me successfully recover lost data? When I started the datarecovery software that had helped me successfully recover data, I fast founddata in one of the lost partitions with the lost partition recovery module.However, the problem occurred, where can I stored the recovered important data?The left space in system partition was limited and couldn’t hold the massimportant data. I suddenly thought that whether there is any way to directly recover lostpartition?  


Thethought seemed unpractical, but I still searched on the internet to findsolution. Maybe God had mercy on me. I found the professional disk managementsoftware MiniTool Partition Wizard. Through official introduction, I learnedthat this software had partition recovery function, so it can directly recoverlost partition and partition data completely. After seeing it, I chose tobelieve this company, and downloaded the free home edition to the computer.Then I performed simple operations according to the operation demo on officialwebsite. Finally, I successfully found the four lost partitions and partitiondata back completely.    


Itfollows that data in lost partition can be recovered, and there are manymethods. We can make choice according to our real situations – download and usedata recovery software torecover lost data, or use disk management softwarelike MiniTool Partition Wizard to recover lost partition and lost partitiondata.