Bring the Fresh and now gotta hate that welcome to prepare cast yes business has been slow to these being drunk I said that’s the word classic procrastination you keep millions a jock culture how well did I go down to let high-stakes during other France cycle step aside if you want to visit us online and printer media .tv happy New Year missed a DOM Happy New Year mister Peter and welcome everyone to the first episode of primer cast in 2012 with me dumb down shirt and EU mister Peter Williams person to recall this season 2 episode 10 just keep moving forward don’t get me started on naming things we could be here all day well now it is your you are I I’m not stupid hi to your pet love it it’s my Bring the Fresh Scam I so good will to stay away from it shall we will just will keep the numbering I’m happy with the numbering let’s go with the number fans sounds good option 36 big things planned for this year for 2012 a very exciting but a lot of things in the pocket so to speak for trip to listeners and then to other people around the panic community which is very exciting yet yeah we we be dropped a few hints and the couple big announcements in the interview show and I’m done absolutely excited to myself the the plans we’ve got where we’re moving forward Bring the Fresh Review Beautiful rEAD ALL!