I’ve been researching entrepreneurial opportunities for years, and I’ve been collecting information on the best low cost franchises to get you paychecks and money flow coming in right away. Tax preparation & electronic filing is the most popular way of investing a small amount of money in a short program to become certified, and then being indispensable for months on end, making great money for very little work. Stratus building Solutions is showing the Commercial cleaning market that they are a profit bull on the scene and they have a time proven system to get you profiting quickly. Jazzercise has their own series of dance fitness classes, apparel & accessories which seem to be quit the rage these days. They show strong figures for their investors, and have solidified their position at the top. Also in the list we have a Cruise & travel agency by the name of CruiseOne. These guys have been making everyone rich who has anything to do with them. The profit probability here is immense, and you would be a fool to pass it up.