There term Reseller is defined in the dictionary as, to sell again. This definition applies the same way to a job known as a Website Reseller. A Website Reseller is an individual or a company that outsources their website work to a different company while still profiting off of their work. It’s a method for not only efficient business, but it’s smart business as well, because these companies are experts in all aspects of running a website. As a Website Reseller you will get a custom website, email, marketing tools, and your own unique look and domain. In most cases, you will also get the option of reselling the companies product under your own brand, while they will handle all customer hosting, technical support, and billing. This seems like straight robbery, but it is not! It is just a simple business arrangement. There is also something referred to as website reseller programs, which is a program that helps clients build their OWN websites as if they were the experts behind the scenes, when in reality this program is actually a simplified version of what the true experts have put together. The programs are often created by experts in web design and professionals that know everything about how to resell website developments. To resell websites there must be a trust between the businesses, a solid B2B relationship, in order to have the B2C aspect. The company outsourcing the website running and building parts must actually have a product or service worth working with, and the company who this company chose to be their reseller better be experts in all areas of web design, marketing, communication, etc. Trust is just as important in the world of website resellers as it is in anything else.