Asteria Club is an online organization that has a global membership mostly made up of businessmen, immigrants and other individuals who are socially aware and want to make a difference in people’s lives. According to its official website, the club aims to eradicate global poverty in this lifetime. Club Asteria has reportedly provided livelihoood, infrastructure and micro-financing projects to people in poor countries across the globe. 


The organization was founded by Andrea Lucas, who was reportedly the former director of World Bank. She is also a published author. Accordingly, being an immigrant in her early years, she had encountered difficulties that came with her status. This is the reason why she has vowed to help people who have the same problems that she had in the past. 


To be a member of Club Asteria, you have to choose which among its three levels of membership to join. Each level provides different resources and opportunities. For instance, a free membership gives its members full access to the club’s educational materials and the chance to read messages during meetings and forums.


On the other hand, Silver and Gold memberships, which can cost you $9.95 and $19.95 respectively for the monthly membership fee give you greater opportunities and more perks and bonuses. Members of these categories can also have the chance to earn money online through the organization’s affiliate marketing program and other marketing schemes.  

The company doesn’t offer any guarantees but the Earn-a-Reward Program of the organization gives $9 every month to every member who can recruit and sign up people into the fold. If Club Asteria sounds like a good business opportunity, learn more about what it can offer you before making any decision.