Joining the elite group of london chauffeurs is a rewarding, and potentially lucrative, position to obtain. Many professional drivers love the work and develop a real passion for it, transforming it from a mere working day job into an ardent mission. A good driver is punctual, neat and well-presented; but what makes for an excellent chauffeur?

There are many tips and secrets to make you a respected professional. Master these, and you could help to create memorable evenings, as well as an enjoyable atmosphere for those you drive around which will ultimately result in happy clients.

Tips To Become A Driver Your Clientele Loves Travelling With

Being a great chauffeur is beneficial to you and the company, as well as the people you are driving around. Satisfied customers mean referrals, increased business, and people who come back to ask for you by name. The following tips come from seasoned London chauffeurs, who have excelled at their work.

Confidence – Always exude an aura of quiet poise and self-assurance – this doesn’t mean boasting about large tips and celebrity customers – to settle and ease a client’s anxiety.
Strength – Whilst the overall service quality is a critical aspect, having control is just as integral. Your job is to transfer your passengers from point A to point B, and to do so you need to handle the vehicle – and all situations – well. It is not unheard of for clients to ask drivers to do illegal things such as speeding. A strong chauffeur won’t do this no matter how much their clients ask.
Consistency – Every single trip is important for your image. Always dress impeccably, be knowledgeable, and offer incredible service on each run. A normal client is just as important as a celebrity, and should be treated as such.
Passion for the work – You must want to be good at your job. Treat it as a quest. Continuously look for ways in which you could improve your service. Even if you are having a bad day, your clients should only feel warmth and friendly professionalism from you.
Insight – This can be a tricky one for some, but unfortunately not all customers are the same. Male or female, adult or child, businessman or hip hop artist, you may find that different people prefer a different approach. For example, it can be a mistake to address a six year old boy as “sir”, or a young woman as “ma’am”.