I don’t know if you know this but… Call Tracking Analytics is Freaking awesome!!

But not just any call tracking, none of that grody limited call tracking that stops at just that, call tracking.

 I’m talking the top-of-the-line premium, call tracking with all the fancy gadgets and gizmos. Call tracking that teams up with Call Analytics to make the ultimate marketing platform.

LogMyCalls is a perfect place to get this ultimate marketing platform with your call tracking phone numbers. But why are all these gadgets and gizmos so important?

Here are 5 traits that we like to associate with our tools in order to help you better understand their awesomeness!

1. Attitude:

The only thing that stands between a person and what they want in life is the will to try it and his faith to believe it is possible. LogMyCalls gives you this attitude to try. You can make personal tracking phone numbers in order to track where ever call is generated by.

Find out which campaigns are bringing you the most traffic so you can try harder with every campaign to bring in more and more leads.

2. Kindness:

Kindness is one of the most beautiful compensations in life… we can never help another without helping ourselves. -Ralph Waldo Emerson

With LogMyCalls, we help you help your customers. With downloadable access to every phone call, you can listen and evaluate how kind your sales team members are being to your customers. Without this essential feature, you can never truly evaluate how well your team performs.

3. Belief:

Belief fuels enthusiasm, and enthusiasm explodes into passion. It fires our souls and lifts our spirits.

Pretty deep, huh? But it’s true. Now that you have all of these recordings, you can provide examples of great sales close or customer service. You can also have a reason to compliment your sales team members on their performance helping them believe in themselves.

4. Focus:

Having a simple, clearly defined goal can capture the imagination and inspire passion. It can cut through the fog like a beacon in the night.

With our solid data and reports from your recorded calls that come from your call tracking numbers, this creates focus, a clear focus on the performance of your marketing efforts.

5. Perseverance:

Perseverance is not a long race: it is many short races, one after another. -Walter Elliot

With LogMyCalls tracking numbers, you can set unlimited custom goals. This will help everyone stay focused and persevere.

So if you want to have all these traits in your company and with all of your marketing efforts, come check us out! LogMyCalls loves to be freaking awesome, but not as much as we love making you look freaking awesome!